Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip

Football season is FINALLY back! Although life is far from normal, football Sundays do bring us all a sense of what normal once was. I myself am a Minnesota Vikings fan, which is a labor of love, lol. & Obviously, gameday food is essential – but the pizza and wing deliveries get old after about one week. Amiright?

I love creating a delish spread whether its just my husband and I, or if we have friends/family over. But I’m also not trying to spend an entire quarter of the game slaving in the kitchen – afterall – I’m here for the game! This buffalo chicken dip is beyond easy, and highly adaptable to different dietary restrictions. I make mine dairy-free, and can vouch for it considering my husband and 2 of his friends demolished it without question. So here it is friends:

Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip

– 1 lb (ish) boneless skinless chicken breasts *I used 4
– 8oz cream cheese *I always use Trader Joe’s vegan cream cheese, Kite Hill or Miyoko’s are two other great dairy free options
– dry ranch seasoning OR 1/3 cup ranch dressing
– about a cup of your favorite hot sauce, frank’s red hot is traditional, but I use my favorite Trader Joe’s Jalepeno hot sauce
– shredded cheddar cheese *I love Miyoko’s plant based shredded cheddar
– green onions for garnish

In your Instant Pot, place chicken, cream cheese, ranch and hot sauce. Set IP for 15 mins on high pressure cooking (make sure you vent is set on “seal”). After 15 mins, quick release the pressure by twisting the vent knob to venting. Once pressure it released, room chicken and shred with two forks. Once shredded, place chicken back in Instant Pot, add your cheddar cheese and mix!

Garnish with green onions, serve with tortilla chips, pita bread or veggies like baby bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers or any of your other favorites!

I’m telling you, this is the easiest recipe and serious crowd pleaser! Let me know if you try it, its perfect for game days, parties or any family gathering!