Magnetic Lashes Review

Lets talk lashes, friends.

I never realized how much I enjoyed lashes before I got lash extensions, but y’all, they are WORK. The upkeep, the time, the cost, its a lot. False lashes are great to a point, but I have to tell you – the glue is just not my friend. Also, they just have always felt so heavy.

Magnetic lashes are fairly new in the beauty industry, I had heard of them – but hadn’t given them a try. I was fortunate enough to partner with two amazing magnetic lash companies. They are two different styles, one of which uses NO eyeliner glue, and the other does utilize a magnetic glue. I’m here to break down my thoughts on the two options. Lets talk pro’s and con’s!


I have to tell you, these are definitely my go-to. These magnetic lashes use NO liner – making them completely toxic free. You apply them but taking the full length lash, and placing it on top of your natural lash line. You then take one of the 3 separate pieces, and connect them with the magnet from the underside of you lashes. Essentially sandwiching the two tiers with your natural lashes in the middle. (Tip: I personally start from the outer corner in.) I will admit though, these take a little getting used to! Its not the easiest, especially at first. But once you get the hang of it (and when my right hand is cooperating with me), it is a breeze.

Pros: when they’re on, they’re on – I’ve worked out with them, done a full day of shooting (all the outfit changes), driving with the windows down, flipped underwater – on accident, lol. But they have a solid magnetic connection. Also, lots of options depending on the fullness you prefer! I like the Everyday for literally, everyday. But I have to admit, the Glam option is my favorite. They’re full and fabulous without being toooo much. Lastly, they come off SO dang easy and zero cleanup involved.

Cons: takes a steady hand. You obviously want to get them as close the lash line as possible, and even when you’re used to it, you have to redo them to get them right.




SHOP GLAM BITCH MAGNETIC LASHES (uses a magnetic liner)

Now, these lashes are also a great option. Shop Glam Bitch lashes uses a magnetized eyeliner, making application smooth and SO easy. These are a great go-to on my not so great shoulder days, because you can really do these one with hand! You simply line your eye like you would with any eyeliner, and then place the magnetic lash on top of the liner! It really is so cool. I did have to trim the lashes to fit my eye, but I’m telling you friends, these couldn’t be any easier. I have found that I need to put a pretty solid amount of liner to ensure they stick, but they have lasted all day long for me!

Pros: application is insanely easy!

Cons: cleanup is required (but I am typically washing my whole face anyways if I’ve had lashes on).

“Va Va Voom”



You really can’t go wrong either way, friends!

I haven’t worn actual mascara in months, and I would never steer you wrong with my recommendations. I promise to always ONLY share my true beliefs and products I actually use myself. Save 20% off either MagLashBox lashes and/or Shop Glam Bitch lashes with discount code smashinglyashley20 – and let me know know what you think!

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