Erase Your Face

How would you feel if I told you that I am never buying makeup remover again. Well, allow me to introduce you to the ULTIMATE makeup remover. It’s waste free, making it eco-friendly (keeping along with living a sustainable lifestyle) and just $9.99 for a pack of four. I promise you, these will change your life – and your skin. Just add water!

I’ll be the first to admit that I was severely skeptical when I first saw this product. I had never heard of anything like it? Standing in the middle of Bed Bath and Beyond, I found myself reading thousands of reviews online, ALL of which were positive. For just $10, I couldn’t afford not try it! (PS: Bed, Bath and Beyond is the only place to find them for this cheap!)


I wanted to wait to share my thoughts on this product until I was sure of how I felt. After all, I have promised to always provide you with nothing but true honesty when it comes to my opinions and feedback on products. I have been using these makeup remover cloths for one month, and I can honestly say that I will never go back to makeup remover wipes again. I seriously have two full packs of the makeup remover wipes that I have used for years, that will continue to stay unopened and unused. My husband can attest to my initial reaction of pure marvel the first time I tried it. You really just add warm water.

Just a note: throw them in a wash before initial first use *just to be safe. To use, thoroughly dampen the entire thing with warm water. The more saturated it is, the better it works. Then you simply wipe your face with the non-tagged side, no need to be too vigorous. You will finish my doing a second wipe down with the tagged side, which is for the tougher stuff. It gently exfoliates, taking off both my waterproof mascara and longwear lipstick with ease. (You all know I love my pigmented lips!) But it really is that easy. I couldn’t believe that it took off my makeup better than the makeup remover wipes that I had used since I was a teenager. I did the “toner” test with a cotton pad and was amazed to find it wiped completely clean.

The cloths come in a pack of four, I use one for the week, then throw it in the wash and use a new one. This keeps your skin healthier, as you wouldn’t clean your face with a dirty rag anyways. I keep one in the shower, and one by the sink in the bathroom. It couldn’t be more convenient – or more affordable.

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    1. Seriously the best thing! I have one by the shower, one by the sink for nighttime, and one in my gym bag!!

    1. Trust me girl, I was so skeptical. Which changed to pure wonder and marvel over how well it worked!!

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