Friday Fitness – 20 Minute Anywhere Workout

Sometimes you just need to mix it up. I am a big cardio girl, but am restricted to cycling due to my shoulder. Bouncing, active and high impact workouts are quite simply a no go. When I just have 20 mins to squeeze a workout into my day – I like to do this combo. It activates multiple areas of your body, giving you a true burn in a short amount of time. Oh, and you can literally do these anywhere! I’m all for that no excuses mindset. This 3 exercise 20 minute workout can literally be done anywhere, and no equipment needed!


Exercise 1: High Lunge w/ Leg Extension

Begin by stepping one leg forward, bending the knee so that the knee is over the ankle at a 90-degree-angle, or as close to that as you can. Remember, a stretch is a good thing. But pain is not. Its important to know the difference. *Weight is optional, it just adds a little added work. You can also use a filled water bottle, or anything that has a fairly balanced weight.* Keep your back leg bent, but with knee raised up off of the floor. Keep your gaze forward, back straight and chest high.

Slowly begin to rise, straightening your front leg, while at the same time, extending your arm(s) out to the side.

Rise to a full extension.

Keep chest high, hips pointing straight ahead, and stay on the toes of your back leg.

Lower yourself in the same manner that you rose up. Keep your motions small and in control.

Don’t forget to keep your back knee floating off the ground.

Repeat 20x, switch legs and do the same thing on the other side!

Exercise 2: Straight Leg Lifts

This exercise is pretty straight forward, pun intended! Ha! But really, this one (and the next) are simple, and such a great ab workout. Start in a lying down position. Legs straight, arms by your sides and palms pressed to the floor.

Keeping your feet flexed, and close together, engage your core and slowly begin to raise your legs up towards the sky. Remember, slow and controlled movements.

Work up to a 90 degree angle. Lower your legs in the same manner, legs straight, palms pressed to the floor, slowly lowering engaging your core to keep control.
Repeat 20x.
*You can add ankle weights here for an extra burn.*

Exercise 3: Straight Arm Situps.

Another simple, but highly effective ab exercise. But this time, instead moving your legs, you are activating your upper body. Start by lying flat on you back, with legs together, feet flexed and arms raised straight in front of you at a 90 degree angle.

Bending at your hips, and engaging your core muscles, slowly rise your back off the floor.

Keep your arm(s) straight – they will eventually be parallel with your legs. Again, slow and control movements.

Once at a full seated position, with arms and legs forward – slowly lower yourself in the same manner as you began.
Repeat 20x.

& thats a wrap

I can get about 3 sets of each exercise done in about 20 mins. You can do even more if you really push it. You can also add reps to 25-30 for each set. But I personally find that 20x is the right about of reps for me. I promise, if you do these right, and consistently, you’ll be sore in all the right ways. You got this babes!