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My hair hasn’t always been something I would say that I am proud of – but it is something I can now say confidently that I have learned to appreciate and give the true care it deserves. I truly believe that our hair and our skin are two of the most important things we can invest in. Being that I wash my hair just once a week, on average, I figured I would share my tried and true, ride or die products. So here we go – all my secret (but not so secret) weapons.


No secret here, dry shampoo is my number one hair care product. I try to get as my length in between washes as possible, without dry shampoo my head turns into an oily mess – cute right? Not to mention I am NOT one of those girls who magically doesn’t sweat when she works out.. Why doesn’t Costco sell it in bulk yet? *Patiently waiting.* But until then, I have a few favorites, depending on your budget.

You all should know my top fave , I often talk about it on IG stories. Kristin Ess Dry Shampoo is my hands down favorite drugstore dry shampoo. Its $14, and works so dang well. It leaves a slight white residue, but completely fades into hair after working it through.

Not Your Mothers is one I often go back to, its about $5 and available at so many retailers – I prefer the original “Clean Freak” unscented.

My final favorite, that I try to only buy when its on sale: Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. Its a bit of a splurge at $29 – always on the lookout for a sale! But its so good. The oat milk is less drying but still completely absorbs your natural oils. I feel like this one is the most lightweight of the three I am recommending – but all work exceptionally well!

Literally 100% dry shampoo here, on day 7 and post workout.

Hair Masks.

When you only wash your hair once a week, and use a F -ton of dry shampoo, it is so important to give your hair extra care on hair wash day. A hair mask is a great way to revive and enrich your hair! I have tried quite a few over time, I have two that I routinely use and stick with. They are each at different price points, so you can stay on budget either way. The Trader Joe’s shea hair mask (just $3.99) is a great affordable option, it is also less than 3oz, so it is great for travel.

My favorite is the It’s A 10 Miracle Silk Hair Mask, I have never felt my hair be softer and feeling like I just got home from the salon after each use. It’s a bit of an investment, but worth every penny and a little goes a long way!

Bond Protection and Rebuilding.

Our hair is comprised of bonds, these bonds determine the thickness of strength of our hair. We have many throughout our head, but less near the crown – which is where my (any many people’s) hair is the thinnest. Olaplex has a two ingredient formula that is world renowned, and they have comprised a pre-shower hair mask that is scientifically proven to stregnthen and re-build these bonds that get damage over time through coloring, styling and over brushing – yes, you can brush your hair too much! This Olaplex Hair Perfector has largely transformed my hair. Its more of a pre-shower formula. Simply dampen and towel dry hair, and apply a quarter size amount of product throughout hair and leave in for 10 mins. I like to do a face mask at this time – its perfect because then you just get in the shower, rinse both and do your usual shower routine (standard shampoo and conditioner).

Can’t forget your scalp!

One of the most neglected parts of our skin, is our scalp! Buildup from product, over brushing and just overall sensitivity can lead to a flaky scalp – which NOBODY wants. I touched on it a bit above under Hair Serums, but I use this Kristin Ess Exfoliating Scalp Scrub ($14) about 1-2x a month, depending on how my scalp is feeling. Its a pre-wash treatment, and it works exceptionally well. Start by dividing your hair into segments, and work the product through along your differents parted lines, directly onto scalp. The pointed head makes it so easy!

There are a few scalp treatments in this line, all work well – but I have found this one gives me the best results.

When I really need some extra hair love –

These Pantene Rescue Shots are a must have for damaged, dry and splitting ends. After shampoo and conditioning (or any other treatments), you work a dime size amount through the mid-length to ends of your hair, almost as if you were doing a low ponytail. I leave it in for a few minutes, and then give it a thorough rinse. This stuff is like magic y’all. Just $4.99 for a pack of three!

(This is what I call the all-in wash day dream team, when my hair really deserves some extra love. AKA: about 1-2x a month).

Heat protection is key.

Heat is the one of the top damage causes for hair. When we blow dry, and style our hair with heating products, it can cause breakage at the ends, throughout your hair and at the roots. Using a heat protective spray is essential to minimize that damage. I use this Krisin Ess Blow Dry Assist Spray for blow drying (it also cuts my blow dry time more than half, $14), and I use this Tresemme heat protective spray before I use my styling tool (usually my straightener) – I just spritz it over the body of my hair and ends.


When I have the time, I try to air dry my hair, I try to! The Kristin Ess Air Dry Creme is amazing. I work a nickel/quarter size in my hair post wash, and just let it do its thing. It dries faster, and with significantly less frizz! $14 at Target.

Hair Serums.

I struggled for so long to find a hair serum that didn’t make my hair feel weighted down or extra oily. I have three favorites, at different price points to be available for any budget.

The Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Hair Serum is just $14 and so great for eliminating frizz and adding weightless shine to your strands.

I also really like the Kristin Ess Anywhere Hair + Milk Oil, $14, from the same line. It is even more lightweight, smells divine and is geared for your scalp.

My other favorite is Olaplex Hair Bonding Oil. at $28. This is a multi-purpose serum that has countless benefits. It is a “highly concentrated, ultra-lightweight, reparative styling oil.” It provides heat protection, color protection and helps to reduce frizz. I use this bonding daily, all it takes is a drop or two – I work it on my ends pre-styling, and another drop once I am done styling for a smooth finish. I am usually due for a haircut around this time (I am 11 weeks out from my last cut) and I can see a true improvement in the ends of my hair! Significantly less split ends, and a stronger overall texture to my hair.

Frizz Fighter.

I have always struggled a bit with frizzy hair. The above mentioned products have drastically helped – but after a trip to Miami, I needed more thorough coverage. This Living Proof No Fizz Humidity Spray was a game changer. It doesn’t effect the texture of your hair, leaving it soft and touchable. Simply spray it as a finishing spray and lightly smooth it with your hands across any frizzy areas. $23

Day 2 in Miami, 85F + 89% humidity. ‘Nuff said.


Last but not least, the one product that has taken me years to find. I HATE crunchy, non-touchable hair. Most hairsprays I have tried over the years would leave my hair feeling untouchable, and would often make my hair feel and appear frizzier than it began. This IGK Good Behavior Hairspray is hands down my favorite I have tried. It is lightweight, holds my styling and is buildable, use as little or as much as you would like! It is a “is a Keratin-like treatment in a can. This heat-activated spray mimics the smoothing and anti-frizz results of a keratin treatment. 24-hour frizz control and 450F heat protection. Spirulina protein strengthens and nourishes while an innovative formaldehyde free bonding polymer mimics the coating and smoothing properties of a keratin treatment when activated by heat. Good Behavior also helps to cut down on blow-drying time and helps to protect against humidity, heat and UV damage, leaving hair soft, shiny and frizz-free. The lightweight formula is suitable for all hair types-and coarse hair, natural curls and waves stay relaxed until the next shampoo.” Couldn’t help but nerd out a little with you. I can’t rave enough about this hairspray. $32 and worth every penny. If I find a more budget friendly one that I like, I’ll let you know! & Vice Versa, send me yours!



all my favorite haircare products, all in one place. They are also linked on LikeToKnow.It!

*Last quick note: I use the Kristin Ess Extra Gentle Shampoo + Conditioner. It’s affordabe, both at just $10 and perfect for my hair – as it is not color treated, and my skin is extra sensitive.

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