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Teeth Whitening my Sensitive Teeth the Smile Brilliant Way

When you’re someone like me, who is literally always smiling, a bright white smile is a must. I was so thrilled to partner with Smile Brilliant for this collaboration. As a brand – they want everyone to #smilefearlessly – and I couldn’t agree more!

I have tried a few other forms of teeth whitener, with little success – largely due to my teeth’s sensitivity. But as someone who drinks black iced coffee quite literally almost everyday, and lets be real – I do love me a glass or two of red wine – keeping my teeth bright white takes some extra care and attention. Lets break down my experience with Smile Brilliant’s at home teeth whitening kit!

Its a very simple process actually, and Smile Brilliant takes every step into consideration – down to every detail. They offer 6 different custom teeth whitening tray systems: 3 for Sensitive, and 3 for Non-Sensitivity. I opted for the T3 – Sensitive System (light stains).

First things first:

Smile Brilliant starts by sending you your kit in the mail. It will include 2 custom teeth molds (1 for upper teeth, and 1 for lower), the clay catalyst and base molds (to create your custom teeth molds), 9 whitening applications, and desensitizing applications. *They even go so far as to include an extra base and catalyst, in case of an error creating one of your molds. Everything is properly labeled, making it easy to understand and execute! Little tip: Keep your head up when making your impressions, the drool is real, but just for a moment! Lol.

Once you create your molds *and they have dried, you will use the pre-paid mailer to return them to the Smile Brilliant lab. After they receive your molds, they will ensure that they are properly done (thorough directions on how to do so are provided), the lab will send you you new teeth whitening trays – completely custom to perfect fit your teeth!

Its time to get whitening, and do so until you run out!


The whitening process itself is quite easy. It is recommended that you do your whitening at night. Simple reasoning: the longer you wait to eat or drink after whitening, the more effective it is! It is a simple 2-step process. Start with the whitening itself (using the whitening gel provided – duh). Followed with brushing your teeth as normal (with your usual toothpaste), and finally, finish by brushing one last time with the provided desensitizing gel.

Given that this formula is geared for sensitive teeth, Smile Brilliant recommends starting with whitening sessions of 45 minutes, every other day to start. You can continue to build up that whitening time to a maximum of 3 hour sessions (unless your sensitivity can’t handle that long). I found that I was able to get up to the full 3 hours near the end of my whitening sessions. The only downfall was that I was pretty thirsty (I am an AVID water drinker).

The results are unreal, y’all. My smile is is brighter and whiter than it has ever been!

Overall, I have to tell you that I am extremely satisfied with this teeth whitening system. I would recommend it to anyone who asked. Which is why I’m telling you that you won’t want to miss this giveaway (valued at $149)! I truly have super sensitive teeth and was genuinely so impressed with this experience.

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