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Type: A Sweat-Activated Aluminum Free Deodorant

I have tried a handful of aluminum free deodorants, Type: A is hands down the best of them all. The sweat activated technology is perfect for someone like me that works out daily, on top of having to wear a shoulder brace 24/7. Real talk guys, my brace is basically like wearing an undergarment everyday. I have multiple that I rotate through as I need to clean my others, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get stinky. Cute, right? Well that is real life. Type: A’s sweat-activated aluminum free deodorants not only keep me feeling fresh and clean, but it has also increased the duration of my shoulder brace(s) between washes. I can’t rave about this brand enough.

I use “The Achiever” for workouts, it is minty and invigorating, stimulating your senses for a workout boost.

For daily wear, I use “The Visionary” – it is clean, crisp and citrusy. Leaving you feeling bright and refreshed all through the day. It’ll make you double check, is that my laundry that smells this fresh, or just me?

Lastly, I love “The Dreamer” for date nights with my husband or time with my girls. It is a floral/linen blend that feels nice and feminine. I will actually be wearing “The Dreamer” for my sister’s upcoming wedding this weekend!

All in all, Type: A’s aluminum free deodorant is incredible. I would recommend it 10/10 and it will 100% be my deodorant of choice from now on!

Get yourself a deodorant that works as hard as you do.