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Anti-Aging w/ Silk’n

As I get closer to my 30’s, hello 29, I’ve learned that two of the most important physical things you can invest in aside from your overall health are your skin, and your hair. I’m feel extremely blessed with good genes when it comes to aging. I often get looks of disbelief when I get asked how old I am – I thank my Mom for that regularly. But lets be real, we all age, at whatever rate that may be.

There are endless resources when it comes to anti-aging. I’ve been flirting with the idea of botox for years. It started out as a preventative idea, but these days, I have one or two lines that seem to becoming more and more visible. My area of concern is between my brows. I’m not one to frown much, as we all know I am almost always smiling. But I do have an expressive face and when I am am pensive or thinking – you can definitely tell.

Silk’n is leading the path in anti-aging in a non-invasive way. As a whole, they are reputable and consistently known to provide the quality of spa treatments, with the capability of being in the comfort of your own home. Using light and heat energy sources, Silk’n is stopping and reversing the signs of aging. Their Silk’n Titan device was released in 2017, as a part of their anti-aging line. It arrives in a clean and and well put together package. The kit includes the Slider Hyaluronic Gel that is the recommended “primer” of sorts to be used with your titan device, and a zippered travel case that houses your Titan device and the charging cable.

Upon receiving and unboxing my Silk’n Titan device, I plugged it in and let it charge overnight. The lights that signify the different energy levels will light up in a circular motion, letting you know that it is in charging mode. The recommended usage is starting at a low level (Energy level 1 or 2), and using the Titan device for 10-15 mins on each area you want to work on, twice a week. It is better to work on smaller areas at different times, rather than doing your entire face as a whole. This is because you want your skin’s temperature to be consistent while treating the desired areas. & Always use a thin layer of the Slider Hyaluronic Gel before using your Titan device. *You can also use other gel formulas, but ensure that they are clear and water based!

As before mentioned, my main area of focus is between my eyes. I will also be using it on my upper forehead, along the chin portion of my lips (smile motion) and outer corners of my eyes (smile lines).

I have been using the Silk’n Titan device for 4 weeks now. Overall, it is most common to begin seeing results beginning at around 5 weeks, but most visibly at 10 weeks. So far I have noticed a smoother and tighter skin surface. I have also noticed a slight reduction in the size and visibility of my pores. I am already impressed with what I am seeing so far after just a month of use. As recommended, I have done approximately 15 mins on each area of my face, and twice a week.

I will absolutely be continuing usage, and will keep you updated as I progress further in my at-home treatment. But so far so good, and definitely an investment that I see being both worthwhile and beneficial. Shop yours here – $269