Vegan Sugar Plum Brioche Toasties

This is one of those that I created just so I could use this seasonal Sugar Plum jam from Trader Joe’s. Available only around the holidays, it is a sweet and aromatic jam that is the star of those show when paired with simple complimentary ingredients.

TJ’s Sugar Plum Jam
Vegan Cream Cheese (I told you, I use this stuff on everything)
TJ’s Brioche Toasts
Fresh Mint

This one couldn’t be simpler, the toasts are already made for you – and all you have to do is assemble.

  1. Toasties.
  2. Sugar Plum Jam.
  3. Vegan Cream Cheese.
  4. Fresh Mint.


They’re beautiful, tasty, and a uniquely refreshing bite. The sugar plum jam sets this apart from your standard holiday flavors, and the bright finishing of mint just elevates this easy appetizer for the simplest and most sophisticated palettes alike. I like to serve these alongside the Peppery Baked Salami Bites (seen here). They’re pair perfectly together, a beautiful contrast between sweet and savory.

Not to mention, they’re just pretty…