My Preventative Travel Essentials

for all the time, not just during Covid-19.

As many of you likely know, I recently traveled to Seattle to witness my brother marry the love of his life. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, albeit incredibly uncertain for all parties involved.First off, let me share my brief thoughts on the Coronavirus pandemic. I do believe it is a real threat, however I do not believe we all should be living in fear.

This isn’t going to be a long drawn out post. But I’ll share the things I do anytime I travel, and the extra precautions we took as well.

What we always bring or do:

  1. wash your hands constantly, and bring handsantizer
  2. bring disinfectant wipes, for hands, airplane trays, anything!
  3. kleenex!
  4. vitamin C tablets – I always travel with Zicam rapidmelts
  5. *newest obsession: Elderberry lozenges. One of my followers turned me onto them the last time I was sick, they are SO good.
  6. Immunity essential oil roller (7 drops Thieves, and fractioned coconut oil)
  7. I always bring my Hydroflask as well. Most people drink less water on vacation simply because they don’t think about it. Stay hydrated by keeping it at the front of your mind.
  8. Avoid touching your face.

Some of the extra steps we took:

  • Maintained a healthy distance from anyone who wasn’t family.
  • used disinfectant wipes for airplane seat belts, arm rests, table trays and the knob to open those trays, and headrests.
  • used disinfectant wipes to wipe down suitcase handles upon getting them from baggage claim.
  • opened doors (when possible) with foot, or clothed elbow (avoided using hands directly on things when possible).

We did not wear masks, most masks do not filter out viruses anyways! Also, “CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a facemask to protect themselves from respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19. You should only wear a mask if a healthcare professional recommends it. A facemask should be used by people who have COVID-19 and are showing symptoms.” We had no symptoms, and we have been home for 9 days now and both my husband and I are fine.

Essentially my friends, I truly believe that most, if not all, of these things should be practiced already – without an outbreak or pandemic. We are all at risk 365 days a year of getting sick, in one way or another. Yes it is different  if you have underlying health issues, or if you are over (or under) a certain age. BUT – if you live an overall balanced and healthy lifestyle, wash your hands, cough into your help, don’t sneeze all over the place, drink your water… simple things that you should be doing already. The odds are likely to be in your favor.

Anyways, that is what we did in Seattle, and a brief statement on my thoughts about all this.

Stay healthy my friends.